$25.00 USD

Complete Spine Rehab

Bad back got your workouts feeling less then? Tired of trying things and still being in pain? Enter in... our Complete Spine Rehab.

We’ve done the research and education for you and have compromised our favorite and most effective spine exercises into this program. We focus on mobility and stability of the spine itself, the ribcage, and the hips.

A healthy back takes time and consistency. Our goal is to educate you and to provide exercises that can easily be done on their own or integrated into your existing training. Let’s get into it!

 What you'll get:

  • Access to the same rehab we give our patients at our in-person clinic.
  • Detailed video and written explanations of each exercise.
  • Accompanying PDFs of the exercises with complete instructions.
  • Bonus content specific to each body part added each month. 

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